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Last Updated: Jan 07, 2016 10:59AM MST

Basic Answers about plumbing and electricity

How does the plumbing work?
All of our Tiny House RVs are plumbed to be connected to public water and sewer and use a standard RV type toilet, which use about two quarts of water per flush. However, there are alternatives ways to set up your system.

Potable water comes in via a white RV hose or garden hose connected to the side of the tiny house at a standard hose-bib connection. If you keep the pressurized water hose connected to the tiny house it will provide pressurize water to the system.  If you are planning to travel and not be connected to a water hose, the tiny house has a 26 gallon fresh water holding tank and a small water pump to provide pressurized water to the shower, toilet and kitchen sink. 

The waste water leaves via an standard RV sewer line with a slide valve. A sewer hose would connect between the slide valve and a waste-line to a municipal sewer system or septic tank system.  If you are planning to travel, you can install RV waste holding tanks for the backwater (from the toilet) and grey water (from the shower and kitchen sink), which are then emptied at an RV waste disposal station (pplmotorhomes.com).  

There are also a range of RV Portable Holding Tanks available: 


There are also alternate methods of dealing with black water from a toilet if you are not connecting to a sewer line, including using composting toilets, such as Nature's Head by Art (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24LimUrb4LM), or  Gone with the Wynns (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CdnVZkCKXU), or an electric toilet such as an Incinolet (http://incinolet.com/), or using a macerator pump/holding tank to pump the waste to a sewer line (Example: Saniflo 002 SANIPLUS Macerating Pump, White)

What is the setup for electricity?
All of our 
Tiny House RVs are wired for standard 110 VAC electrical power and are ready to be plugged in through an external plug on the outside (30 or 50 amp connector). Our standard electrical system is for all electric appliances and has a 50 amp circuit.  Alternately, you can add a propane system for the water heater, room heater, and cook top and optional oven, and the electrical system is reduced a 30 amps.

A Solar PV (photovoltaic) Power System can be connected to a Tumbleweed
Tiny House RV  to provide electrical power. This type of power system is excellent for lights, media systems and the water pump, but is not suitable for heating purposes (room heater, water heater, cooking).  If you are planning to travel frequently, a mobile solar PV system is best, such as from http://www.zampsolar.com/.  Here is a good video on these system: http://rvsolarsd.com/ 

If you are planning to basically put your 
Tiny House RV in a single location, then a land-based solar system may be better for you as a solar PV company will know how to set-up your system based on your needs and the local weather, mean solar days, latitude, and other important criteria. To find a local solar installer, simply go online and search "Solar PV installer AND Your City, State".


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