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Why do Tumbleweeds cost so much?

Last Updated: Jan 07, 2016 09:59AM PST

People are often confused as to why a 100 square foot Tiny House RV costs more than $150 per square foot. The mindset in America is to look at the cost per square foot. Increasing the size of a room by 50 square feet costs almost nothing. Basically, all you're paying for is the roof and flooring, and maybe a little extra wiring and plumbing. One of the easiest ways to make a house cost less per square foot is to make it bigger.

Our portable tiny house RVs are made from quality materials; and the materials alone typically cost $200 per square foot. Our green homes are fully insulated in the floor walls and ceiling, along with double pane windows and a  heater/air conditioner. Many other "competitors" don't include the proper insulation and heating, and are therefore subject to condensation.

Our tiny house RVs focus on the details that make it more than four walls and a roof. For example, we make each front door by hand because you just can't buy the right door for a house like this. Windows are special order items that give the house a timeless look. The porch posts are detailed, and the siding reflects the overall quality of the house.

A few people on the internet brag that they can build a tiny house on wheels similar to our for $5000. Those claims aren't true. The least expensive Tumbleweed Tiny House on wheels built was by Dee Williams; she built hers for $10,000 because about half of the materials were recycled.

In the end, we build our tiny house RVs at a higher level of quality than many of the other builders. The same goes for our DIY Building Plans. It’s like comparing a Cadillac to a Ford Fiesta. Each has its place.

Attached is a Specification Sheet to show the construction features, components and appliances.

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